SALMON HYGIENE is a team of experienced experts in the field of food hygiene. We provide services to clients on the Polish, Czech and Slovak market from our locations in Kielce and Ostrava.

Our company and our mission

The company was founded in 2008 as a response to dynamic changes and market demand that was looking for quality solutions because of increasing production standards. Our team of experienced specialists constantly improves their qualifications to help clients to keep higher level the appropriate standard of cleanliness, which is required every year in production plants. First of all SALMON HYGIENE employees are practitioners who have extensive knowledge of technical solutions, washing systems, application of hand holding tools, and the implementation of color coding systems. The company’s goal and mission is to provide the highest quality products and solutions that increase the level of safety and hygiene in food production areas. According to the company’s slogan – We create safe solutions – SALMON HYGIENE strives for customer satisfaction providing the best and professional service, modern, reliable, high-quality technological solutions because of the constantly growing market requirements. The high quality of products and services causes that SALMON HYGIENE has many satisfied customers not only in Poland and it is expanding its operating market every year. The quality of services is confirmed by the company’s certificates and references.

Quality Policy

Every day, the SALMON HYGIENE team and suppliers are focusing on providing and developing the highest quality products and services. The offered products are compatible with the following systems: HACCP, IFS, BRC, FDA, ISO 22000.

SALMON HYGIENE is a team created by people  with extensive experience in the field of hygiene and safety of produced food. Our goal is to create innovative solutions and products that significantly increase hygiene standards in the food industry. We try to be flexible when running our operations. We adapt to the needs of large international companies as well as medium and small enterprises. We are also open to the needs and ideas of each of our clients. We keep the high quality of products and services as well as security on the premises due to implementation of 5S and Visual Lean Management systems. The company works in accordance with the Lean Management standard and regularly improves the processes and qualifications of the entire team through trainings and implementations, which guarantees the company’s stability and high position on the market.

Each employee of our team is responsible for the development of quality management systems and is aware and respects the rules of the SALMON HYGIENE Quality Policy. The management board of SALMON HYGIENE actively participates in the implementation of set goals. SALMON HYGIENE Quality Policy is the declaration of the management board to ensure proper resources and measures to achieve the above objectives and improve the organizational system.

SALMON HYGIENE is committed to a policy that protects and preserve the environment, minimizing adverse impact and constantly seeking new solutions at all stages of business. The company is trying to do business ethically and sensitive to social, cultural, economic and environmental problems, both locally and globally.

We support the Zero Waste program, trying to generate as little waste as possible and thus not to pollute the environment. We segregate waste and encourage employees to protect the environment at work and at home. All received packaging are recycled. We try to act responsibly to help people and organizations that will positively impact the society in which we operate. Our products are durable and strong, thus they do not wear out too quickly, they can be used longer without generating waste.

  • We try to use the minimum amount of packaging materials. Large products are usually sent in parts, which means the smaller packaging and reduction of transport costs and CO2 emissions.
  • If we make a decision to buy any new machines and devices for the production line, we consider both technical parameters and issues related to their economic work.
  • The ability to use of raw materials fully to reduce the amount of waste generated during production processes is also significant.
  • Decisions about choosing office equipment also results from information related to its economical work and low energy consumption.
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