SALMON HYGIENE is a team of experienced specialists that offers its clients consultations, training and audits. Our employees are specialists who provide comprehensive care, both at the stage of equipment selection and implementation of various solutions concerning production hygiene. The company additionally offers full laser marking services (hallmarking) of equipment and devices, both purchased in our company and delivered by the Customer.


The safety of food production refers to each stage of the process, from the moment of production of food components to their delivery to the final consumer. At each production stage, there are a number of hazards that pose a potential danger to consumer health and life. They result from the production process and not desirable operations. The SALMON HYGIENE company is the co-organizer of training cycles dedicated to the food industry in the scope of management standards of food production safety, according to BRC and IFS systems, with the participation of professional training and certification units. They are held for interested people and divided into three thematic issues:

  • Training DateSektor mięsno-rybny (ZM)
  • Training DateSektor cukierniczo-piekarniczy (ZPC)
  • Training DateSektor owocowo-warzywny i napojowy (ZPOW)


The expert staff of SALMON HYGIENE offers audit services aimed at optimizing hygiene solutions in the customer’s production areas. Audits are designed to identify potential problems, threats and incompatibilities before they occur, which is the basic principle of safe food production and to identify comprehensive demand in this area. In order to optimize the effects, we work with Clients to customize the program that will meet their requirements and expectations. An internal audit is carried out to confirm the correct application of the work system in the company, to verify it before certification or official control, to update existing documentation and to adjust the system to changed norms and regulations, to supervise company branches. Entrepreneurs who care about continuous improvement of their company know how important it is to control various processes in the company. The obvious advantages of audit are the possibility of  obtaining impartial opinion on the state of controlled processes or facilities, confirmation of compliance with applicable procedures and regulations and preparation of optimal solutions. SALMON HYGIENE offers audits before certification, control audits, internal audits, management reviews concerning compliance with requirements, audits before implementation of the HACCP, IFS, BRC system, audits of the selected processes or production line, etc.


Correct marking and identification of materials intended for production, semi-finished and finished products is important part of the quality assurance system. This activity also applies to tools and equipment used in the production process. At present, the most popular marking method is laser marking. Thanks to modern laser technologies CNC, we provide marking / personalization services for tools and various equipment to satisfy the client’s needs. We print names, numbers, codes or other markings on a variety of stainless steel or plastic surfaces, according to the client`s need. Marks are resistant and does not affect the structure of the surface. We offer an alternative way of marking tools by laser marking for companies that employ workers who have problems with colour recognition (color blindness). You can print names, symbols or trademarks on tools with the laser device that help employees recognize the right hand holding tools quickly and without mistakes.

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