Industrial Non-Woven Cleaning Cloths produced by Safe Wiping are professional industrial fabric made from the highest quality raw materials. Therefore its resistance to wear and mechanical damage increases, which is extremely important in the process of maintaining a high standard of hygiene in the food industry..

A wide range of durable and hygienic stainless steel dispensers for cleaning cloths. Dust-free and durable, do not leave fibers. Dust-free and durable, Lint- Free.  Resistant to sharp edges. They have absorbent and absorbent properties, very durable in dry and wet conditions. The color coding system of cleaning cloth is an additional advantage of using a hygiene program.

The cleaning cloth is characterized by high absorbency and resistance to external conditions. The cleaning cloth perfectly fulfill its role at the final stage of washing and cleaning technological equipment and devices such as conveyor belts, packaging machines, scales and control panels. Due to the high moisture absorption of the material, it is suitable at places where dynamic and effective drying of the washed surface is required.

Our offerof hygienic stainless steel dispensers, dosing stations and sanitizers


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