CleanAccess Ltd. is a Polish manufacturer of accessories for washing systems for the food industry. The company was created by a team of specialists who aim to produce the highest quality, innovative products that meet the strictest market requirements in terms of hygiene and production safety.

The CleanAccess offer includes a variety of accessories, both for the Central Washing System and for Washing Systems based on mains water. The products meet the strictest market requirements in relation to hygiene and safety of the produced food. The offer includes hoses, stainless steel accessories, such as: quick couplings, drums, turntables, lances, nozzles, nipples, hose ends, valves, guns, as well as covers, gaskets and many more. All products are designed and manufactured in such a way as to enable the most effective washing, foaming, rinsing and disinfection.



CleanAccess is a manufacturing company, and the products are designed and manufactured in Poland.
ULTRA HYGIENIC offer includes proprietary, original projects of our engineers, which are constantly improved and modernized.



ULTRA HYGIENIC® – color coded hoses
ULTRA HYGIENIC® cleaning hoses are available in 4 colors. This solution allows the use of a hose of a specific color only in one zone, which completely eliminates
possible cross-contamination.

Stainless steel connections
All fitings and couplings included in our offer are produced only with stainless steel. During the designing of all connections we are always guided not only qualitative and functional values, but also hygienic. We limit to a minimum the possibility of any occurrences crevices, depressions, crevices. Couplings and fitings are flat sealed, which is extremely hygienic. Connection of two flat elements with teflon seal guarantees perfect sealing, here pollution and bacterias don’t accumulate.

Guns and ball valves
Guns and ball valves addressed to the Central  Cleaning System are made of stainless steel and mechanical damage resistant materials. Thanks to this, these products interior is completely resistant to chemicals. The main advantages of guns are respectively large internal sections that do not weaken foam consistency. Some of the guns are equipped with progressive closing system so you can you protect the pump and water installation. The various options of these products that are available in our offer allow to match the right solution. These are ready to lance fixing guns equipped with female quick couplings with protections and swivels. There are available two types of ball valves protections – made of stainless steel and rubber, which additionally protects the worker hands during washing with hot water.

Lances ULTRA HYGIENIC® and nozzles
Using of lances and nozzles during the cleaning process is extremely important. Choosing the right nozzle calibration significantly affects the efficiency of cleaning, reduces its time, and also reduces the costs associated with the consumption of media – water and chemicals. The angle of the water jet as well as the flow should be adapted to the type of washed surface and the given stage – rinsing, foam application, disinfection. The lances are available with three different types of nozzle protections: antibacterial, metal detectable and stainless steel. All nozzles, also for foam application, are made exclusively of stainless steel.


Low pressure hoses HYGIENIC
The hoses used for the Low pressure cleaning system are extremely flexible and durable
both. They can be used for hot and cold water. The HYGIENIC hoses are also resistant to some chemicals. Like all our hoses, they complie with European requirements for food contact. The dustfree blue outer cover is resistant to oils, greases and detergents.

Professional low-pressure guns are mainly intended for spraying and washing, at temperatures up to + 95 ° C. Depending on their model, have an adjustable nozzle, smooth flow regulation and trigger lock. Brass or stainless steel construction and highly durable plastic with ergonomic handle ensures efficient work..

Our offer also includes Stainless steel connections


The selection of the right product for a specific application and correct usage is only half the battle. Storing cleaning accessories in an appropriate manner is also an extremely important aspect. Proper care of washing hoses, hanging them on reels or hangers will significantly affect their service life and prevent possible damage. In our offer you will find automatic and manual hose reels, standard hose hangers, as well as specially designed swivels, thanks to which you will avoid unexpected damages of the reel or wall during the using.

Due to the type produced food, the conditions in the production hall and pollution generated during this process, various types of washing and disinfecting agents are used for cleaning. Regardless of whether you are using acid or alkaline agents, they should be stored in a safe way, not threatening the produced food and employees.
In accordance with applicable food safety standards such as IFS, BRC, washing agents should not be present in the hall during the production process, and free access to them should be eliminated. The ideal solution is our Lockable canister holder with Master Key system – one key for all holders on the production site. In our offer you will also find standard hangers for chemistry canisters, as well as hangers for smaller chemical capacities, e.g. for hygienic sluices or sinks.

Durable and ergonomic accessories for chemicals suction are not only convenience for everyday use. They also guarantee the satellite stations and the entire Central Cleaning System installation safety. High quality suction tubes with replaceable strainers – made entirely of stainless steel – eliminate the possibility of dirt or crystallized chemistry getting inside the injector, thus ensuring its trouble-free operation. Resistant to aggressive chemicals suction hoses allow the free flow of the chemicals to satellites, in which the nonreturn valves guarantee the flow of the medium only in one direction.


Each employee who participates in the cleaning process, in addition to durable and ergonomic accessories, also needs appropriate clothing. The safety and health of the employee is a high priority for every workplace. That is why we come up with a proposal to provide personal protective equipment such as waterproof clothing and aprons. These clothes provide the employee with movement freedom, protect him from contact with water and cleaning agents.
It is also extremely important to take care of accessories, their maintenance, and proper storage. We want every element reaching our client to be efficient and ready to work. Before shipping, each of our products is prepared by us with high precision and care for its further use. That is why we use glues and lubricants, which we recommend to use in further regular maintenance.

Water is the most frequently used raw material in the food industry, therefore the amount of its consumption significantly affects the production costs, plant operating costs and the amount of sewage, which is a secondary product.

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