A system of hygienic boxes and containers for so-called internal logistics in the areas of food processing and production are products made of very high quality plastics. They are produced from food grade polyethylene, they have hygienic properties, and their strong and durable structure makes them ideal solution for industrial applications. They are resistant to scratches, dents and cracks, their structure is without gaps, so they can be easily cleaned and maintained. Wide selection as well as diversity of colors and shapes ensures an excellent logistics solution. They are designed to be interconnected, regardless of the model, which allows you to save the necessary storage space. The offer is expanded with a wide range of dolls.



Stacking containers – they can be stacked, stacked up (they stand on top of each other) or nested (thanks to the diagonal walls they can be easily put one into another), which facilitates storage. Some of them can be put into the other container up to 80%.

The containers have no sharp edges, depressions or edges. Rotational molding makes the material durable, does not peel, is flexible, and does not crack at extreme temperatures. There are no residues on the surface of the containers in which bacteria can grow.

The containers can be used at temperatures from -30 ° to + 80 ° C.

Durable, color-coded, in many sizes and shapes, high-quality containers and bins are an investment that quickly pays off. Our offer includes equipment for storing and transporting food in small and large quantities.

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